Hi, my name is Neil Johnstone, I am the owner of Ionic-Energy. I started to sell the Ionic-Energy products after buying one to try myself. I am 58 years old, I was overweight and basically lived a sedentary lifestyle, I bought my Ionic-Energy bracelet after seeing one demonstrated when I was on holiday in Spain. After 2 days my family noticed improvements in my fitness and stamina as well as a willingness on my part to try more energetic activities.

My own sense of well-being improved enormously, so much so that I bought a bracelet each for my wife, daughter and son. All 3 showed noticeable improvements within days of wearing them. I mentioned this on my Facebook and a number of friends asked me to bring one back for them, which I did. All noticed they had increased energy and stamina, they slept better and woke feeling more positive about themselves.

That is when I decided to start my own business selling the products and giving other people the opportunity to benefit from theĀ 
power of negative ions and scalar energy.

I am so positive you and your close friends and family will see a difference in your energy, stamina andĀ 
well being within 7 days that I will refund your money if you don't.